Keep Warm with Stylish Cardigan Sweaters

2 Aug

For decades cardigan sweaters received a bad rap from fashion institutions citing the traditional button downs solely for old pipe smoking male retirees. Not so anymore, especially for women. Cardigan sweaters are available in a wide range of styles, fabrics, thicknesses and colors.

Cardigans add flare to any outfit. Try a dramatically draped open cardigan to spice up tunics and leggings and add fashionable leather boots or wedges for women to create a new ensemble. Instead of a suit jacket wear a comfy button up sweater over a silk blouse and wool trousers at the office and later switch the pants to nice denim jeans for women to join the rest at girls’ night out.

Cardigan Sweaters

Snuggling in a warm and cozy sweater doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. Wear long sleeve tee shirts in patterns or solids with straight legged denim jeans for women and top it off with a wool cable knit cardigan. A draped cowl scarf will add another warm dimension to your outfit.

Cardigans layer well over many pieces:

• Turtlenecks
• Camisoles
• Tank tops
• Tunics
• Dresses
• Leggings
• Dress shirts
• Tee shirts
• Skirts
• Vests
• Pants

A turtle neck cardigan is a fashionable way to fight off cold weather, or warm up a fall wardrobe with a color block cardigan where the body of the sweater is colored differently from the sleeves. Deep v-necks in 100 percent wool or viscose blends are conservative but stylish and look great with jeans, matching slacks, or a skirt.

Use a silver sparkly soft cotton sweater to dress up a pencil skirt with a lovely silk tank top. Wrap a thin fabric belt around a silk crew neck cardigan or slip into comfortable heels and sparkling earrings to add an exquisite touch to a plush cardigan over an elegant cocktail dress.

Sweaters are a staple found in any closet. Imagine a soft merino cardigan that moves over the natural curves of your body draping in the front over your fine wool skirt and leggings or tights. Add splashes of color with pretty scarves. If a shirt is too bright, a neutral colored cardigan will tone down an overly bright shirt or turtleneck.

Silk Cotton V-Neck Cardigan

Waterfall cardigans in cashmere and silk blends open in the front and drape with slim fitting sleeves. Layer over jersey separates for a feminine look that flows well with every step. Wear in the daytime and add delicate gold or silver jewelry to wear for an elegant evening out.

Wear light fabrics under thin sweaters, and if a bulky cable knit cardigan sweater is worn use a scarf with larger stitches. Heavy sweaters look better with heavier ankle boots or boots up to the knee with leggings. Wedges for women look good, too. Bulky jewelry adds pizzazz to neutral colors but only wear one or two pieces.

Classic cardigans, or cardigans that drape over shoulders and hips, are timeless pieces that are versatile enough to be worn during every season. Layer more for cold winter weather and wear lighter fabrics on cool summer evenings.

An old outfit gets a new look with the right cardigan sweater. Select bright colors for spring and neutral palettes or subdued colors for fall. Shorter sweaters are cute with a woman’s dress and skirts and longer sweaters add the illusion of height with heeled boots or the right pumps.

Cardigans are staples in every wardrobe and cotton blends make comfortable sweaters, as well as blends of merino wool, cashmere, angora, viscose and/or silk. Some cardigans have velvet trims, decorative shell or opalescent buttons, or well placed pockets.

Accessorize with Handbags, Scarves & Jewelry

Transform a simply styled cardigan with a metallic pattern or floral print scarf. Tie a beautiful scarf around the waist of a sweater instead of a belt. Learn different ways to ties scarves for a fabulous fashion forward look. Wear a bolo tie on a shirt under your tie-at-the-waist cardigan.

tie-at-the-waist cardigan

Top off a cardigan with a fedora or a darling clutch, scarves, patent leather belts, or wrap leather bracelets. Cardigan sweaters are the perfect opportunity to show off handmade Indie jewelry, thought it’s not necessarily about what goes on the outside of a sweater but what is layered beneath, like satin camisoles, vests, or bouncy jersey knit dresses.

On wintry days or spring mornings, sweaters bring warmth and comfort. Different styles and colors can change the entire look over the same tunics and leggings, long sleeved tee shirts, pencil skirt, or a woman’s dress and skirts. Increase your wardrobe IQ with smart and stylish cardigan sweaters.


Must-Have Fashion Tops for Every Wardrobe

20 Jul

It’s amazing how casual tees, tunics, dress shirts, and other styles of womens fashion tops can transform your wardrobe and each outfit that you wear. It’s easy to see why most women say that you can never have too many. However, you don’t want to only buy trendy tops. Instead, you need to buy tops that compliment your lifestyle and the rest of your wardrobe. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you get the most out of your tops, rather than letting them collect dust in the far reaches of your closet.

Like anything else, buying womens fashion tops is a simple matter of getting acquainted with your own personal style. Some styles of tops might look better on others, and some necklines may complement another better than yourself. Thus, when shopping for tops, it’s important to have a sense of your body, style, and what suits you best. Regardless, let’s take a look at some various women’s tops that every woman should have in plenty.

Casual Tops 

Casual tops should be the backbone of your closet. From tank tops to camisoles, casual tops are the building blocks of your wardrobe. At first glance, they may seem boring, but they add function to your daily wardrobe, and they can be worn for a variety of uses and events.

Plain t-shirts are wonderful for many reasons, but one of the greatest reasons for their use is that they are trend-proof. They’re also flexible, allowing you to have multiple outfits with the simple addition of various accessories, such as scarves, handbags, and jewelry. The same top can be worn with shorts, pants, jeans, and more, creating a versatile wardrobe lineup from one top alone.

They’re also ideal for layering with sweaters, cardigans, vests, and other fashionable tops. In essence, they’re really a must have item for every woman’s closet.

Tunic Shirts 

Tunics are a simple way to get that chic yet smart look. Not only can these womens fashion tops be worn out and about, but they’re also a wonderful alternative to traditional dress shirts. In fact, they can be worn in any casual office environment.


They’re also extremely versatile and can be worn in any season. Whether they’re worn with shorts or capris in the warm summer months, or worn with jeans and leggings in the winter, tunics offer the best in fashion versatility.

Dressy Tops 

Every woman should add femininity and beauty to their wardrobe with pretty dressy tops. These beautiful garments come in a variety of styles, and they’re perfect for achieving a pretty and feminine look without seeming too dressed up. From trendy prints and fabrics to ultra-glam silk blouses, dressy tops come in a myriad of styles and finishing details. From lace to pleats and everything in between, there are dressy tops to let the girly side out of every fashionable woman.

Dressy Tops

Of course, there are many more womens fashion tops to choose from, and they should take up real estate in your closet as well. However, with these basics in your wardrobe lineup, you can be a classy fashionista during any season or occasion.